4th of July

I love the 4th of July! We are so blessed to have our independence and freedom. I am so grateful for my life and happy to be where I m at in life.

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Dallins Triathlon!!

I was so proud of dallin! He did so well he got in the top 17 out of 100. He is amazing at everything he does.

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This is where Dal and his Dad spent most of the time. Trying to hit golf balls from the grass into the spa! It was pretty entertaining!
These are our nephews Blake(on the left) and Rick. They are a riot!
This is Dal and his fish.
We went fishing in Newport Beach. It was really fun I almost caught a fish but it broke my line. But Dallin was the only one to actually catch a fish.
Dallin and I in Hollywood, this is a statue of the tallest man in the world. I don't even go up to his hip! Sad I know!!!
Dallin at the Beach. It was kind of cold that day so he had to wear a wet suit.
At the Chipotle in California I actually ate 1 whole burrito!!!
This is Dallin and I at the Los Angelos Temple it is beautiful and very big!!!