OK so I can't believe it but we were checking our email and Dallin got a LETTER from Pomona,CA all this time we were waiting for it in the mail but what a surprise Dallin got excepted to Western University. Oh but it gets better, so a couple of days later (Today) he was checking his phone messages and he got one from Alabama telling him he had come up on the list to be accepted. So instead of begging to get in we now have choices, I don't know which is better jk. But it will be tough deciding. So we are very excited! I just you would like to know what we were up to.

Dallins Birthday!

Yesterday was Dal's birthday and we went to the temple it was a great experience. It was one of those times that was just really good. Then we went to lunch got home and Dallin got a phone call to run to his basketball game or else they would forfeit. So we went it was an interesting game lets just say. They didn't win but the other team should have got alot of technicals and their moms hahaha! But that's ok its only church ball but you know how that is (very intense). Then we came home I made Dallin a birthday ice cream cake it was fun to make and he liked it alot. Then we went to a ward dance they were having it was really actually fun they had a live band they were pretty good too! It was a fun day! Here are some pictures of yesterday and some of our new car just for mike haha!