Boys will be Boys!

Soon there will be TWO little boys running around here instead of one! I'm PREGNANT! Answers to all question:
Yes, we kind of planned it (didn't think it would happen this fast).
They will be 16 months apart.
Yes, we are insane.
We are so excited!!!
Well I figure I should update. We are here at Dallin's parents house. We got here the beginning of August. Dallin took the boards August 23 and we headed off for a much needed break but before we left I fainted, I was in talking to Ruth in the morning and all of a sudden I got really dizzy and blacked out. Ruth didn't realize I had fainted, I woke up on the ground. Dallin was there seeing if I was ok. I sat up and didn't really understand what had happened. I got something to eat, then I was fine. I figured it was because I hadn't eaten very much the day before. Then we left for our vacation. We went to Vegas to stay with Dallins brother it was nice to see them, we went out to dinner while there I was holding Easton and smelt a dirty diaper so I checked to see if I was right. Boy was I right!!! He exploded all over my arm from elbow to hand. I looked at and Dallin he asks, is that throw-up, I said no its poop. We started laughing so hard and sweet Rachel came and helped wipe it off so I could at least get to the bathroom without it all over ha ha good times. Then we went to my parents house it was so good to see everyone. Dallin found his new obsession golf and did it almost everyday! We went boating and had alot of fun at the lake. Went to the zoo! Of course I went shopping with the girls I mean what else do we do :) Then we headed up to Rexburg to see Dallins other brother Jason to hangout with them. It made me miss Rexburg wow it has changed. While I was there I went out to lunch with Molly it was so fun to see her and her cute boy! I wish we could have spent more time with them. After a week there we headed back to my parents for a family picture for Christmas that was an adventure. We took it up in this canyon by our house my Dad had the great idea of sitting on this log in the middle of this creek. When we all got off the log rolled and my mom almost went in haha! Then we headed back to Hanford after a good two week vacation. Then next day we went to the mediCal office to see about my insurance and as we were standing there I fainted again. Good thing Dallin caught me this time so I didn't hit my head. I woke up on the ground. It was a little worrisome since it has only happened once before and that was just a couple weeks ago. So the ambulance came and checked me out. My blood sugar was extremely low. They said I should go in and get checked out. But I decided to wait and the next day I still wasn't feeling good I could hardly stand. So we went into the ER cause thats all my insurance covers right now(stupid I know). It took 5 hrs to find out what was wrong. While we were there we found out IT'S A BOY!!! They really aren't suppose to tell you but since we knew the Radiologist Nurse who was there, he's in our ward. Lets just say Hanford is a SMALL town haha. Oh and I have hypoglycemia which means I have low sugar in my blood. So I just need to eat alot of small meals during the day. So now we are just hanging out till our insurance goes through. So I can get a really appointment. Dallin studys a couple hrs a day and takes the boards in November. We are excited for that. Sorry no pictures I lost my camera charger in the move and I don't have a card reader that works so hopefully soon.

Almost Done!

Dallin only has three more weeks of school!!! yay! We went to my Duke family reunion over the fourth of July weekend. It was filled with tons of games and boating. It was at Bear Lake in Utah freezing cold water!! I left my camera at my parents so sad!! I have no pictures to show you dang it. I can't believe Easton is 8 months old already. He is crawling all over the place, says dada and mama oh and cheese when I take a picture. haha. He crawls into his toy box probably 3 times a day, and sneaks up the stairs whenever he can. He definately loves his daddy, he gets a big smile on his face when he sees daddy coming down the stairs. He is such a happy baby! He smiles all the time and loves it when people talk to him in the stores. He gives big slobbery kisses but I love them. He pats everything when you pick him up he pats your back it pretty funny. Anyways we are moving in three weeks! We are definately not ready. It's just in with Dallin's parents till he finds a job. Hopefully we don't drive them to crazy! Anyways just thought I would update!


Jenn's birthday and Graduation for Dallin (weirdo)

YAY!!!! Wow I can't believe I am actually writing this post already! These two years have flown by and so much has happened. I am so proud of Dallin and all his hard work. He is such a hard worker. But still finds time for us. We have had our ups and downs with this school but at least we can finally say " See Ya!!!" The graduation day was so great! It was 4 hours long (because PA, PT, NP, Nures all graduated too) and the speakers were really great. The one I remembered the most was the speaker of the alumni. She said "look at your hands, these are the hands that will shock a lifeless heart back to life. These are the hands that will deliver a baby, these are the hands that will comfort a grieving widow. Now put them on your heart always remember to care with your heart" something like that. It was so good and just made it feel so much more real that Dal is done! I got to hood him that was pretty cool except he didn't bend low enough for me to get it over his head so I looked like a dork but oh well it was still fun! Easton did a good job being good. He was tired and hungry afterwards so thats why he wasn't to happy in the pictures. Dallin's parents came so that was so nice of them to come. They are so supportive of everything we do. Dallin told my parents not to come because he didn't even want to go to his own graduation. It was so far for them to just for a day so we will see them in August. But we feel the love thanks mom and dad! So after the ceremony we were waiting outside and Dallin came out with his cap and gown all taken off. Ruth and I definitely got on his case about that. He didn't do all this hard work to not a get any pictures punk!!! Oh Dallin you are a riot! They had a nice luncheon afterwards it was nice. Way to go Dal love you!!!

Our happy little family with a not so happy little man!
Dallins parents
Hooding Dallin with the help of some guy

Dallin and East going on a bike ride!

Retro Dinner for Relief Society

1st Mother's Day!

I had the best mother's day! We spent the weekend in San Diego. It was pretty cold but still nice. We walked around the beach, went to little italy and Gaslamp. It was really fun! Just very relaxing! Easton is crawling all over the place. He is off the minute you put him down. I love him to death. He follows me everywhere. I feel so blessed that I get the chance to raise a beautiful loving boy. He makes us laugh all the time. He says dada and momma but doesn't know what that means but I still like it! He is growing up so fast, he is in the 94% for height and weight. (He definitely didn't get my genes thank goodness!) For mother's day I got spoiled Dallin made pasta and filet mignon it was amazing!!! Happy Mother's Day to all and thanks to my mom for being awesome and doing so much for me I love you!

gelato in gaslamp Dallin licking the glass (weirdo) ;)
We drove back the hotel I opened up the door to get East out and this is what I found haha!

the beautiful ocean

Jeff and Kapri are our best friends! Easton and Krew are going to be buddys they don't know it yet but they are!

Dallins Birthday!

This is after a long 14 hr. shift sucky Birthday Day but at least he got to open presents!!!!
This was Dallins attempt to get us all in! Success;)

Ok so I didn't forget to tell you about Dallins birthday but we didn't celebrate it until now! Last night I surprised him with tickets to a hockey game it was so fun Easton loved looking at everything but he didn't like when they scored the horn was so loud it would scare him and he would cry poor boy! Here are a few pics. They won of course!!! Go Ontario Reigns!!!!