Easton is a Big Boy!

When Easton stands on my lap I call him a "big boy" he gets so excited and even smiles. I can't believe how much he has changed. He is past the newborn stage. He smiles so much and every once in a while even laughs. I love how active he is now. He loves it when I give him kisses he will smile so big but when Dallin does it, it's not the same. haha He already knows who his favorite person is :) He loves taking showers and baths. I love him sooo much he is my buddy. We hangout all day long and I couldn't think of a better way of spending my day. I love you buddy! Don't grow up to fast! We went to the Ward Christmas Party it was so fun Dallin and Easton matched even down to the shoes. love Christmas time everything about it the music, hustle bustle of shopping, making cookies, Christmas lights, trees, most of all Christ. I'm so excited to be home for Christmas with our little family. I hope you all have a great Christmas season.

Thanksgiving 2010

We went to St. George to see my family. Let me tell you we had a blast! I miss living close to them. They loved Easton of course! Oh and as we getting the suitcases out of the car we realized we forgot Eastons suitcase. Poor boy had nothing so he got all new clothes lucky! It was one of those times where I thought Dallin grabbed it and he thought I had. Oh well! We played pickleball, basketball, and football (well more like the boys) :) We took the Christmas picture for my parents. I miss them already but I'll see them in a month for Easton's blessing. Lindsay and I braved the Black Friday on Thanksgiving night, it was crazy but fun. Then Danielle and my Mom joined us for the morning of Black Friday. I think this season I have been thinking alot about my life and how thankful I am to have the struggles and happy times in my life because they have made me who I am. I love Dallin more than I ever have. Seeing him with Easton really just makes me fall in love with him all over again. I am so grateful I have the chance to get to raise this beautiful baby and that Heavenly Father trusts me to do this. He is such a sweet boy and so patient. I am so thankful Dallin is able to be in PA school and that we can be secure career wise. Thanks Dal for working so hard. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Fall Baby!

Well our little Easton will be 3 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe how much he has changed already. It's so fun. I love all his funny faces he makes. He is so patient, even when he is starving he will just let out a little cry just incase I forgot about him. He is so sweet. I love him so much I can't even express it. I never thought I could love someone so much after such a short time of knowing him. It's amazing how much he has changed me. I tend to change the radio station if it's not a good song because I don't want him listening to it. Even though he can't understand it. You may think that kind of weird I know. Here are some pictures of him the first week he was home taking his first bath. Then the Fall ones are from yesterday. I can't believe the difference. Dallin is such an amazing husband and Dad. Easton loves his dad. Dallin rubs his back at night and he just lays there loving it. Dallin says he is a cuddler like his mom. :) He is such a big help around the house too. Anything I need he jumps up to get. We are sooo happy and love our little family. I can now understand a little of what pure joy is.

Easton Taylor Andersen

October 26, 2010 at 3:30 Easton was born he was 7lbs 3oz and 19 1/2inches. We couldn't be more thrilled! I still can't believe it. We love him more than we could imagine. It's amazing the sweet spirit he brings into our home.

35.5 weeks!

Ok so I am so ready to be done! Definately mixed emotions, nervous, anxious, excited, scared. Dallin is in his ER rotation this month and is working 3 days a week for 12 hr shift. I actually love it cause I see him so much more. He likes it too of course. I have been really busy just getting ready for this little guy, his room is all done and I love making little outfits for him. I finally finished his blessing outfit. It's crazy that we are having a baby wow it's no long going to be just us 2 anymore. Dallin reassures me everyday that we are going to love it and how excited he is. Well here is the newest picture of me at 35.5 weeks.

26-31 Weeks

Sorry about all the pictures they all went wherever they wanted:)This is me as of today sorry for the gross looking picture

Well I have been dreading posting to tell you the truth. I just have so much catching up to do. So here it goes. Dallin got a whole month off in August so that was way nice. We went up to the cabin and hung out with his family for a week. We caught so many fish it wasn't even funny. I got to the point where I didn't want to catch anymore! how lame is that. Dallin, Mike, Britt, Kes, Bob and Little Jason went mountain biking. I guess it was a pretty crazy trail like straight down and tons of rocks. So hard that Dallin flipped over the handlebars 3 times! One time into a stickers bush. But he survived. Then we went to visit my family for 2 weeks. It was really fun of course the girls went shopping and the boys played golf and racquetball. Dallin hates to admit it my dad beat him haha! My sisters threw a baby shower for me. It was really fun. We also went out boating. Dallin bet my brother in law Aaron. That he couldn't get up on a wakeboard with no bindings!! It was pretty crazy when he actually did! Anyways I could go on and on about the break but this post is already to long. I am now 31 weeks!!! It really just needs to hurry up. I am wanting to wear my old clothes again and look thin haha! I am way past huge! At least that's how I feel. I have been shopping at secondhand stores (yes I am cheap but their the best) I find the cutest baby clothes and ones that have never been worn it's crazy! I decided I am doing this until my kids realize they don't want used clothes anymore! Hopefully that won't be for years. I went to this thrift store yesterday and as luck would have it I found this ottoman you can store things in. I thought I have to have this. It was really worn looking so I decided to be ambitious and recover it. So here are the before and after pictures. Oh Dallin finished his last semester of book work yay!!!! He started rotations 2 days ago. This month he is in surgery!!! The first day was awesome he got to assist in a surgery and stitch a ladies stomach back up! He had to hold the intestines, he said it was a weird experience because she was still ALIVE! They worked him all day from 9-7:30. The next day the surgeon didn't show up until like 12 so they were trying to find out where he was. Then he comes up to them expecting Dallin to have gone a visited the patients that need to be checked on. IT'S only the 2nD day!! How was he suppose to know. So they went to a clinic and did what needed to be done there. Then the Dr. said "well since you didn't go see those patients you will have to after we get done." They got done at 7:30, and he had 15 patients to see. He finally got home at 11:30 last night!! Good thing it's only a month long. 3 more weeks of this guy! Anyways that was way frustrating. Well thats our life in a nutshell! Hope all of you are doing well.

Dallin's new hobby cycling!!

This was me at 26 weeks

23.5 Weeks

Happy 4th of July!! We had fun at our town parade! Good ol' Claremont. It was so cute in one of the pictures below a elder community was in it they did a little routine with there walkers haha. It was fun. I told Dallin to smile and this is his dorky face. Well we are moving in 2 weeks and I could not be more excited! Not about the moving but into our new place it's less a month and tons of people in our ward live there. We are also excited because at the end of July Dallin will be all done with his book work. He gets a month off then starts rotations! As for me I am just having fun making things for our little stud. I am finally done with all the crib bedding and will put pics of it up later when we get all settled in our new place. Oh and well I am just getting bigger and bigger I didn't realize how big until I saw the last picture compared to this one!!! Wow I never thought I would weight this much but it's pretty awesome. I feel great except my back is killing me. But Dallin is convinced our boy is going to be diabetic because I eat like 5 ice cream sandwiches a day haha. Of course you can tell he is in Med school haha. Well I hope all is well with everyone. I love this country inspite of the problems we face I am so thankful to have the freedoms we have. It amazes me how the Lord has a plan from the beginning with the creation down to the men of this country and the Declaration of Independence. I hope all of you have a great 4th!

Our Surprise!!!

IT'S A BOY!!! YAAY!!!! We are sooooo excited. Dallin started laughing it was so obvious. I knew right when they put it on haha. Let's just say he holds a record :) But we now know not to trust Dallin's instinct he thought it was a girl the whole time. Well these pictures are just more family pictures for Danielle sorry. K I'll update soon.

Lindsays Sealing!

Ok so I went home for a couple of days. It was nice to see my family again. I can't believe how tall my brothers are wow I feel really short now. My brother Zach graduated high school wow I feel old. We got to hear President Eyring at his seminary graduation because he is in our stake. I loved it!! He talked about being where the Lord wants you to be. He told funny stories about President Monson. I love when they talk outside of conference cause you get more of a personality. Not only did all this happen but my dad turned the big 55 SENIOR CITIZEN!!! Now we can get 10% off at Ross haha! I got to spend time with my mom and niece Paisley! Lindsay and Aaron got sealed on Saturday it was such a neat experience to be in the temple we got married in. It is truly a castle! It is amazing. Then I took family pictures for my sister they turned out pretty cute! They were being so funny! Anyways we find out what we're having today at 4:00 pm so put your guesses in!

18.5 weeks

I'm 18.5 weeks! (that .5 is important haha) It seems like this month flew by, probably cause we have been so busy. I'm so happy I'm finally showing! Now people just know :). Instead of asking when we're going to have kids. My next doctors appointment is next Monday June 7th, hopefully by then we will be able to find out when the appt. is to find out ugh! I guess they just don't think it's that important but its driving me crazy! Anyways I'm just getting ready to go to my sister Lindsay's sealing for this weekend I'm so excited. I wish Dallin could go but he has to start up school. Well hope all is well.


Ok so it's taken me a couple of days to put this together and well I'm sick of uploading pictures so sorry this is what you get. Hope all is well tomorrow I'll have pregnancy pictures up hopefully.

Day 1: 05/17 We flew into Rome and got a rental car and drove to Florence. We drove around for 3 hours trying to find our hotel it was a tiny little place. We had to be careful where we drove because if you drove into the middle of the town they would take your picture and fine you every time even if you were lost. Then we went and got some pizza and gelato of course it was amazing. Then we went to sleep.

Day 2: 05/18 We headed out to find breakfast. We ate at this little bakery, croissants filled with chocolate. Then we found this amazing church. Its beautiful. I brought the wrong lens so I could only get close up pictures. Then we found this market rows and rows it was so fun. Everyone we spoke to assumed I was real Italian so they started talking to me in Italian haha. Although I am part italian and I look so much like them they are short with brown eyes and brown hair haha. This is where I belong! Then we drove back to Rome! We went and saw the vatican and St. Peters Basilica. Its amazing to see how covered in gold that place is. Dallin told me a story while we were there. Here is a picture of Dallin by the statue of St. Peter. Everyone comes to rub his foot to morn the death of the last apostle. Dallin said when he went to church in rome last time the mission president spoke and said Dallin H Oaks visited the Vatic
an and the mission president said "Isn't it interesting that all these people come here to morn the last apostle but here they have a living apostle in their mist and don't even know it." Sad to see that. It was pretty incredible to see the detail though. Then we went to the Trevi Fountain and of course got gelato and pizza!! Then we went to the Spanish Steps it usually has flowers and looks a lot more beautiful.

Day 3: 05/19 Ok so today Dallin wasn't feeling so hot, we figured it was from the pizza he ate the night before(they don't refrigerate there meat so the pizza was laying out all day). So we just went to the Colosseum it was awesome The prisoners would be put in there to be tested if they killed whatever was put in there they would sometimes be let free. If it wasn't entertaining enough they would have to work harder or else they would be killed anyway. It was very interesting but at the same time very disturbing that people would like to watch this. The first pictures is where the crowd would sit of course now there are no seats cause its so old. The second is partly where the prisoner would be it's like a maze they really could not see what was coming. Sometimes they would fill it with water and put sharks in it. Then we came back to the hotel and fell asleep for the rest of the night we were so dead. And Dallin couldn't do much cause he was so sick.
Day 4: 05/20 We woke up and left on a train to go to Napoli, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. It took us about 2 hours to get to Napoli. We got off and walked around for about an hour haha. We were probably in the ghetto part of town but it was disgusting and dirty and just ugly. Then we got back on the train and went to Sorrento. It was so beautiful and clean and had little streets of markets it is such a nice town. It's right on the ocean bellissima! So we stayed the night.
Day 5: 05/21 Today we woke up and caught the bus on the coast to the Amalfi Coast it was an amazing drive and so breath taking. I loved it then we got the stop and went the center of town it was so cute and little there were all these shops around. Then we got back on the bus and went to the train station caught the train to go down to Reggio. It said we were going to get down there at like 10 pm. The ticket guy came around to stamp our tickets and he told us we had to get off at some stop a couple hours away. Then we decided to ask some else and well Italians don't like to say "I don't know" crazy people. So this guy said you stay on and it will take you all the way down. Well we were getting closer and closer to the time we were suppose to be getting there and so decided to ask a guy off the station at a stop what we do and he said "you just missed your train 5 mins. ago". So we got off and the next train was
n't coming for 2 hours. So we decided to find something to eat but nothing was open so we luged our bags around up hills to find a place. Finally found alittle pizza place and turns out in won all kinds of awards. It was amazing so maybe it was all worth it to miss our train. :) So then we got on the next train and 2 hours later we came to the train station but for some reason we thought it was the next one so we didn't get off. Well just our luck we got off at the next station it was the tiny central station. It was 12 am by then and no hotels were around and no taxi's or buses. The trains were done for the night soooo we had to sleep at the cold train station and to make it worse it was raining!!!! There were bums and weird people walking around. Lets just say scary! Dallin stayed awake while I slept and then I stayed awake while he attempted to sleep. We always seem to have adventures together haha! I'm just glad he was there with me. So we survived until 6 am.
Day 6: 05/22 We finally got to the train station and took the 20 min. boat ride to messina then a bus to catania then to Ragusa. Then walked around for about 2 hours trying to find an internet place to check our email to get the address for the family we were staying with. We couldn't find one. Dallin went into a Mac store and checked his email really quick haha. I can't believe how excited they were to see us after 5 years. They are amazing and so humble. When they found out I was pregnant they were so so excited they couldn't stop talking about it. It's like our second family seriously. It was so amazing how giving they were even though they have nothing. Gorgio the dad was showing Dallin this soap he made out of olive oil it was so cool. We told him we liked it and he was like oh you want it here take it. haha no joke with everything. They even bought us this baby outfit from Im sure an exp
ensive place they cant afford. They are just amazing! I miss them so much and I loved them instantly. They took us to there other house it wasn't much of a house but it was the beautiful countryside. There was a tiny little hut for the kitchen then another hut with just a big room. They are so proud of this house they love it. We picked asparagus, and saw there beautiful hill of natural gardens. He made this amazing chicken. The chicken they have there comes with the feathers still on. Its definitely gross. This family is amazing I learned so much from them they are just so happy with nothing. I can't believe how much we have in America.
Day 7: 05/23 Today we went to church with the family. It was a great experience. Relief Society was interesting I didn't really understand anything. But when they sang the songs they really sing. You can tell they love to sing or that its just important to sing hymns I guess. It was pretty neat to hear them sing the song my great great grandfather wrote (Joseph Smiths First Prayer) in a different language it was amazing. Sunday school was in English for me cause there is a recently baptized family that speaks english. But Sacrament Meeting was my favorite. It was so neat to meet everyone Dallin knew and taught. The Bishop asked Dallin to talk for a little bit in Sacrament meeting it was so nice to hear what he was saying in english haha. You can tell those people truly love him. Then after church we ate a huge meal of course. Then drove to Siracusa its beautiful just look at the pictures.
Day 8: 05/24 Today we went with the 2 boys around the town and mall. Then we stopped by the dry cleaning place the family owns to see the mom and daughter they are so awesome. Then Gorgio the dad took us to this town called Ibla it was awesome. On a hill just like you could imagine Italy. Just beautiful this was where they got married. I love this family even though I could speak the language you could just feel there love. Dallin would interpret most of the time so it was nice but it was so funny to see Dallin laugh so much the Dad would crack jokes and they would laugh constantly here is some video hopefully I can upload it.khjk
Day 9: 05/25 Went shopping in Ragusa its beautiful. We found an amazing gelato place it was only 2 euro for a huge brioche (its a croissant filled with ice cream its amazing) and drove to Catania to fly back to Rome.
Day 10: 05/26 Slept all night in the airport cause we had to be there at 4 am anyway. Finally flew home!!!