The Fun Filled Week!

So we had a fun filled week sort of! First let me tell you, we got the letter back from Alabama! And well Dallin is number 18 on the alternate list out of who knows how many! But thats ok it's better than a no. It's just kind of sort of impossible that 17 people would turn it down. But maybe not! So anyways on to the better part of the week! Dallins old missionary companion came to California to visit us! That was way fun. First we played games all night! Yes I am tired. Then we biked to the beach the next morning that was fun. Then we found this italian store we bought all this athentic italian food (meat, cheese and bread) and made sandwiches. Then we went to the Santa Monica Pier. That was a blast seeing all the weird people do all the street act and shows. Then to end the Fabulous day. We got a flat tire. We drove around for what seemed like hours to find a gas station. I swear no one has gas. (yes pun intended) haha! Anyways fun fun day. Here are some pictures!

Martin Luther King Day!!!

Well first off we went to this little town in California called Solvang it's a danish town. It was so fun to walk around in all the shops. Dallin and I especially loved tasting the free samples! Here are some pictures of that! As well as some of the Lakers vs. Cavaliers Game! Oh and of course I had to take a picture of this sweet car dal would know what kind I on the other hand have no idea. We also found that when other people besides us would take a picture it would turn out bad. So as you will see all the one with Dallin and I in it they are blurry. I think one would call that idiot operator haha jk!

Well the game was awesome!! Although it got annoying with the lakers fans everywhere! Unlike them we came to see LEBRON!!! Dallin was way excited! Even though they lost it was a good game until the 4th quarter!! Hope everyone's day off was great!

Update on life!

Well it's been a very busy couple of weeks for Dallin at least. As you know he went to the interview in Arizona but found a couple of days later he DIDN'T get in. Oh well on to the next interview! Sad but we knew we have a couple more schools so crossing our fingers! He just got back from Alabama and is exhausted! So he left Thursday morning got Mississippi and drove to Alabama not a long drive like an hour. He then drove around for a day. On Friday he went to the orientation it wasn't that bad. Just felt like forever. Then he went to the dinner they had for all the interviewees. Get this EVERYTHING had shrimp(he is allergic) in it except the chicken fingers. Well lets just say he was starving afterwards. Then the next day he had his interview. He said everyone was so nice and welcoming. They were genuinely nice they actually cared about how you were doing. Instead of California where all they care about is what you look like. So that went fabulous! Then he drove back to the airport to get on standby. Well he didn't get on. So he spent his whole night walking around the town near the airport. Get this only those who know Dallin would believe me when I say, he carried his luggage around the town and sat in a hotel lobby until 4 am (his flight left at 6 am). Instead of getting a room he just sat in the lobby. He told the lady he was waiting for someone then she finally ask sooooooo is the person coming and Dallin said well I guess I'll just fly out then. (no one was coming to get him he just didn't want to pay for a room hahahaha!!) That was hilarious though.
Well I haven't been up to much just applying for jobs everywhere I can! Not to much fun! We are going to the Lakers VS. Cavaliers tomorrow Dallins pretty excited because they're #1and 2 teams!!! So it should be good. I'll get some pictures up soon!!!


I am way excited Dal has applied to PA school. We had been waiting for a couple of months to find out if he got in or if there were any interviews. We heard nothing until January. He got an email saying he was invited to an interview in ALABAMA!!! Can you believe it we!!! Not exactly what we were thinking but that's just fine we were so excited to get anywhere. Then out of the blue I check the email again and saw it was from Arizona I thought it would be some holiday greeting or something. I opened it and saw that Dallin was invited to an interview. I was ecstatic! We looked when the interview was and it was in 4 days!!!! So we bought a plane ticket and that's where Dallin is right now!!!! He has been studying interview questions so much! I am so proud of him. He has been working really hard! Anyways we will let you know when we find out.