East is 5 months

OK so it's been a while! We haven't been up to much but here are some pictures. Dallin has been busy with school but 4 more MONTHS!!!! Wow it really seems like we were just driving here from Alabama! I have been doing a lot of crafts to take up my time. I will put pictures of those up later. I made Easton a tie and recovered his carseat (yes I have been that bored). I have been spending a lot of time out in the sunshine it has been beautiful! Easton loves going down the slide and he can now sit up for more than 15 seconds! That is something to celebrate! In two weeks we are going to Dallin's brothers wedding yay! In REXBURG! wow I miss that place. Then I am going to stay with my family for a week. They are so excited to see Easton. He was only 2 months old now he is 5 months yay big boy! Anyways hope all is well with everyone!