Almost Done!

Dallin only has three more weeks of school!!! yay! We went to my Duke family reunion over the fourth of July weekend. It was filled with tons of games and boating. It was at Bear Lake in Utah freezing cold water!! I left my camera at my parents so sad!! I have no pictures to show you dang it. I can't believe Easton is 8 months old already. He is crawling all over the place, says dada and mama oh and cheese when I take a picture. haha. He crawls into his toy box probably 3 times a day, and sneaks up the stairs whenever he can. He definately loves his daddy, he gets a big smile on his face when he sees daddy coming down the stairs. He is such a happy baby! He smiles all the time and loves it when people talk to him in the stores. He gives big slobbery kisses but I love them. He pats everything when you pick him up he pats your back it pretty funny. Anyways we are moving in three weeks! We are definately not ready. It's just in with Dallin's parents till he finds a job. Hopefully we don't drive them to crazy! Anyways just thought I would update!