First day of the LAB!

Ok so I got alittle carried away with the pictures but who cares it's not like I have anything else to do haha! I had to take pictures of his first day in lab here he is! And his friend Toby he is married and his wife is looking for a job too! So hopefully we can become good friends. Oh and we are doing great! Life is good! I'm ready to find a job though. Well anyway hope everyone is doing great!


Ok so we are finally here! It's taken a while to finally get moved in. It's nice here we like it the people are really nice here. It is definately different here without our friends and family. But we are getting used to it and trying to take it one day at a time. Dallin starts school on Friday! So that is exciting we made him a little office in our spare bedroom to study so he is pretty excited to finally start and to finish haha! The ward is nice here small but really nice. Lets just say there is alot of room for missionary work. Anyways here are some pics I couldn't get the welcome to alabama sign cause I missed it on the way here and also New Mexico and Texas but thats ok so anyways here are some pics of the apartment. Oh and I think there is one of our puppy that we had for a little over a 24 hrs haha! hope all is well with everything! We miss everyone!