Our Surprise!!!

IT'S A BOY!!! YAAY!!!! We are sooooo excited. Dallin started laughing it was so obvious. I knew right when they put it on haha. Let's just say he holds a record :) But we now know not to trust Dallin's instinct he thought it was a girl the whole time. Well these pictures are just more family pictures for Danielle sorry. K I'll update soon.

Lindsays Sealing!

Ok so I went home for a couple of days. It was nice to see my family again. I can't believe how tall my brothers are wow I feel really short now. My brother Zach graduated high school wow I feel old. We got to hear President Eyring at his seminary graduation because he is in our stake. I loved it!! He talked about being where the Lord wants you to be. He told funny stories about President Monson. I love when they talk outside of conference cause you get more of a personality. Not only did all this happen but my dad turned the big 55 SENIOR CITIZEN!!! Now we can get 10% off at Ross haha! I got to spend time with my mom and niece Paisley! Lindsay and Aaron got sealed on Saturday it was such a neat experience to be in the temple we got married in. It is truly a castle! It is amazing. Then I took family pictures for my sister they turned out pretty cute! They were being so funny! Anyways we find out what we're having today at 4:00 pm so put your guesses in!