Valentines Day!

Well it was my turn to plan Valentines Day! So I made a card with clues and to find a hint you lift the tab. It was really fun to make. As I was making the card I decided to do more of a manly card. What started out to be now is a nature enviromently friendly invitation haha! Well I will have to put up pictures of it haha. Anyways we went to Olive garden first to have salad and bread stix then we went ice skating of course Dallin is good at everything so why should I think I might be able to TOP him. Well he was doing spins and jumps PUNK! haha! So after ice skating we went to the cheesecake factory and had dinner. We were more stuffed than we thought. We took like 3 bites. Well then I had planned to go for dessert somewhere else but we were to full. Anyways, for other news Dallin got another interview. He went to one in Pomona, CA it's an hour from us. Now he is going to one in Indiana!! Still no word yet. But that's ok I have decided that I am ok with relaxing for a year and just working if he doesn't get in. We're young still!! For NOW haha. We had a great Valentines Day. It was really nice to beable to spend more than 1 hour at night with him before bed. He has been so busy with work all day and homework all night. Poor guy. He is one amazing person to be able to do that though and I love him for it. I'll post soon and next time I will have pictures. Oh by the way we bought another car and sold our Honda. Thank goodness! This car is awesome! It is totally loaded which Dallin of course loves. I love it too. But you know Dallin he is a fanatic about cars. It's an Infiniti M35 dals boss was selling it so we decided to snatch it before anyone knew it was gone. haha! Suprisingly alot of people were interested in our car. Don't get me wrong it's a great car it's just I can't believe people were calling on it so fast.