Long story short

Wow it's been awhile. I figure I need to update or I never will if I get to far behind. PAXTON KES ANDERSEN he was born on February 10, 2012 7lbs 03 oz 20 in. He is such a good baby so calm and easy going. Easton loves him its so cute. Easton is a tough lover but Pax doesnt seem to mind. Eastons so proud to hold him he gets the biggest smile on his face. Well we are back in Hanford CA. We moved back 3 days after I had Paxton. That was crazy we couldnt have done it without Dallins mom. She flew in and helped us drive back. We are so blessed to have this job and it came up at the right time. Everything went so fast but we couldnt question it because it felt right. With everything that happened in Colorado it is a blessing, wow miracles do happen! Dallin is now working for Adventist Health he loves it. Easton is a crack up. At 1 1/2 years old he has already climbed on the roof! (well now I guess I should tell you the story so you don't think I'm a horrible mom, well you might still after I tell you what happened) He was playing outside at Grandma Ruth's, Ruth and I were both inside. The doorbell rang and Ruth just asked hey where is Easton, I said he was outside but I could hear him kind of whining so I decided to go check on him. I went around the whole yard and couldn't find him. All the sudden I hear Ruth yell, "Destiny get over here hurry." So I run over and there Easton is he had found a ladder that was up against the house and climbed up it. He was on the roof. Whining because he couldn't get down. I rushed up to get him. I knew he wouldn't get down because he won't even hardly get off the table because he is to scared. I guess it's easier going up than down. The girl at the door was telling us there was a boy on our roof haha! I love my Easton boy but man can he distroy a house in a matter of minutes! Here are some pictures of our life recently. We have such good friends and so grateful to be closer to family! We are loving life and having fun with our 2 boys!