23.5 Weeks

Happy 4th of July!! We had fun at our town parade! Good ol' Claremont. It was so cute in one of the pictures below a elder community was in it they did a little routine with there walkers haha. It was fun. I told Dallin to smile and this is his dorky face. Well we are moving in 2 weeks and I could not be more excited! Not about the moving but into our new place it's less a month and tons of people in our ward live there. We are also excited because at the end of July Dallin will be all done with his book work. He gets a month off then starts rotations! As for me I am just having fun making things for our little stud. I am finally done with all the crib bedding and will put pics of it up later when we get all settled in our new place. Oh and well I am just getting bigger and bigger I didn't realize how big until I saw the last picture compared to this one!!! Wow I never thought I would weight this much but it's pretty awesome. I feel great except my back is killing me. But Dallin is convinced our boy is going to be diabetic because I eat like 5 ice cream sandwiches a day haha. Of course you can tell he is in Med school haha. Well I hope all is well with everyone. I love this country inspite of the problems we face I am so thankful to have the freedoms we have. It amazes me how the Lord has a plan from the beginning with the creation down to the men of this country and the Declaration of Independence. I hope all of you have a great 4th!