Baton Rouge

This snapping turtle is 100 yrs old!

I thought this was an alligator but its a huge fish! Crazy!

So we drove 3 hrs to go to the temple in Baton Rouge, LA it was a beautiful drive! Dallin slept most the way there and I drove there and pretty much back to haha! Oh well he studies so I guess I'll give that to him. So the temple is tiny! It reminds me of the Reno temple. Then after we went to Bass Pro Shop. Never thought I could have fun in that place but it is huge!!! We shot targets and took pics! Well we are learning to love it here and it has been fun to go on this adventure!

Photography Start-up

Ok so if you know anyone in Alabama, Mobile area that needs pictures taken let me know. Oh wait nobody who looks at this would haha! Well I finally finished it. Here is the website its on the right after the about me column. Hope you enjoy its not much yet!

Lately in our sweet home BAMA!

Opening presents
Father of the Bride as you can tell by the hat! Last time to wear it.
Danielle and Brody
Brody and Brooklyn (my niece and nephew)

the bride and groom
Ok so it's about time to update this thing. We are doing great! Finally starting to love Bama (never thought that would happen haha). So I went home a couple of weeks ago and saw my family for my sister Lindsays wedding. It was alot of fun I only have a few pictures of it but I have alot of my neice and nephew I will put up when I get them from Danielle. Anyways Lindsay look beautiful. And her husband Aaron is a great guy. They are perfect for each other. He is hilarious and I think Dal and him will get along. So that was fun Dallin is doing well in school. At first it was really hard and he called me and wanted to find something else to do. But after this last test he got 85% so that is awesome! He thinks he can manage. Everyone tells him this first semester is the hardest. So that helps! He is amazing for working so hard and I know we wouldn't be able to do it without all the prayers on our behalf so thank you. The ward is great. They are so welcoming and I am the enrichment leader and Dal is the 1st counselor in the Elders Qourum. So we are having a good time. I haven't been able to find a job though but thats ok just trying to stay positive. We miss everyone and are finally convinced to slow down and enjoy our life right now because we rushed through college and we totally miss it so I guess the only thing you can do is enjoy the moment. Here are afew pics.