Life in 2014

I can't believe it's been two years since I have posted!! We bought a house a year and half ago. We love it! I have finally decorated it the way I wanted and now hopefully we wont spend anything else on the house haha yeah right, there is always something needing to be done. We spent alot of time last fall and spring landscaping so that was fun. I definitely learned alot about doing things myself. It's cheaper and really fun! I also learned alot about working with a table saw. I did board and batten in the kitchen and family room. I was very proud of what I did all while Dallin was at work. I sewed the curtains in each of the rooms too. It's been fun finding my own style.  We have a pool and the boys loved that last summer. Dallin is still working for Adventist Health and they have been really good to us. Its a 45 min drive to work but thats fine we are just thankful we qaulified for loan repayment. The boys are growing so fast. Paxton just had his 2nd birthday and time sure flies. He is a funny little boy always getting into everything and says no to just about everything. He is a sweet boy and I love the morning cuddles I hope they never grow out of that. (Well Ill cut them off at 25 ;) ). Easton is so smart. I sometimes forget he is only 3. He talks so well and tells me how to do things! They love their Dad. Dallin is such a good day always playing with them when he comes home after Im sure a long day at work. I can't believe we have been married almost 7 years. I was just looking back on my blog and we have had some pretty amazing experiences. I can't explain how deeply I love this man. He has been through alot with me moving all over the place, school, jobs. But yet we have gone through it together just when the load is to hard and heavy to carry Heavenly Father gives either Dallin or I the strength to help one another. Dallin is always making me laugh with his witty remarks he most certainly inherited from is Father. He is always leaving me notes and doing sweet things. The other day he left early for work and as I was about to call him to see why he comes through the door with breakfast and flowers. He has always been thoughtful and goes way beyond. Anyways enough about that. Ill post some pics. I love my life and am so thankful for my family and that I am able to stay home and raise these amazing fun little boys. And learn alittle of what Heaven is like. Having children sure teaches you to enjoy the little things as they do and just be happy in life.

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